Kensington Close Hotel...."Here we go again"...Our Housekeepers opinion will abolish sickness and punish sick leave.

BACKGROUND...January 2009

On January 18th 2009 story we told of the anonymous letter, sent to the Home Office saying ten Romanian nationals were working with false papers.

Colas Hotels used an agency who employed a Romanian national with a Danish passport as head house-keeper. Most of the Romanian room attendants were working with Portuguese papers. This perhaps explains why the head house-keeper was perfectly happy to have "Portuguese citizens" working for her who only spoke Romanian.

Colas Hotels, like most London Hotels, uses agencies to provide a buffer for abusive working practises. If the abusive practises are exposed then the agency has to carry the can and the "reputation" and "brand values" are protected.

The union thinks that the reason the hotel (through its "agency") was using Romanians (who speak Romanian and are a very distinct ethnic grouping) was that ten Polish room attendants had walked off the job six months earlier, in Summer 2008, to protest at illegal wages and unpaid hours.

Anyway, the Border Agency arrived, the room attendants suddenly left, the "agency" Central Hotel Facilities was left to carry the can and was dismissed from Colas Hotels three London properties with 20 days notice.
Colas Hotels took the Housekeeping contract back in-house.

We have been told that the end of the contract led to financial contractual claims against Central Hotel Facilities by Colas Hotels, allegedly.

The room attendants say that there was then a rare period of calm in the Housekeeping Department with even some words of praise being given to the hard working room attendants.

Everything has been fairly smooth until the last ten days when Colas Hotels, who now employ the room attendants in-house, unveiled their latest attack on employment standards.


British doctors have to achieve very high grades at their exams in order to be able to get into medical school, where they will study for a further seven years in order to qualify. General Practioners (GPs) will then need further training in order to be able to practise their profession.

The head housekeeper, whose name we will not mention, has started to ask room attendants to sign a new "notification of incapacity for work procedure". The following quote is lifted directly from the new procedure........."submission of a medical certificate or sickness self-certification absence form, although giving us the reason for your absence, may not always be regarded by us [Colas Hotels] as sufficient justification for accepting your absence"....

Colas Hotels now claims, "We know better than the Doctors". This is laughable, however it gives a determined manager huge new powers to abuse employment law.

Most of the East European workers have already signed this form. Their command of English is generally poor and literacy levels are often poor.

Other new clauses in the document are causing us concern regarding room attendants responsibilities towards guests.

Watch this space for more Surreal Fantasy employment law.