Kevin's Blog

The stories I keep hearing from workers here in Indonesia are very familiar to me. I've met 6 union chairmen (a union chairman fulfills the same role as a shop steward) and they told me about their struggles to build the union in their hotels. At one 5 star the chairman got sacked and the union mounted noisy demonstrations outside the hotel and forced the international management to meet with them which resulted in reinstatement and a negotiated collective bargaining agreement. As always in struggle there are defeats as well as victories. One of the leading activists in another 5 star hotel was dismissed on trumped up charges which has now gone to arbitration and she is awaiting the outcome. however what has impressed me overall is the amount of wins the FSPM is having. Each win is a single victory hotel by hotel and the membership is growing as is the union's reputation. Their work ,under very difficult circumstances, should inspire our battles in London as in some ways our circumstances are a little better. When i return it would be good to sit down with you all and discuss FSPM's struggles and what we may be able to learn from them. @bye for now. Kevin