Support for City Wide Agreement

At City Hall this evening - follow up to 8/8 (£8.80) Living Wage Action day joint meeting between Unite and Labour group members of the Greater London Assembly. Professor Keith Ewing made the following points in support of our argument for City Wide Sectoral Agreements.
In the 1970's 82% of workers in the UK were covered by collective bargaining arrangements. This included hotel and restaurant workers covered by Wages Councils and represented by Trade Unions at the negotiations of these Councils.
By the time of the last Labour Government with Wages Councils having been abolished by the Conservatives only 36% of UK workers were covered by collective bargaining.
Today, despite the statutory route to collective bargaining at enterprise level, only 23% of UK workers are covered by collective bargaining arrangements.
In most other European Countries 75% of workers are covered by collective bargaining on a sectoral basis.
It is not migrant workers who have driven down wages in sectors such as hospitality but the lack of collective bargaining structures which give workers representatives the right to negotiate pay and conditions with employers