Over £6,000 awarded to Dismissed Member with only 2 Months Service

A Unite Hospitality sector member who had only worked for her employer for 2 months has been awarded £6,926.43 in compensenation following legal representation by union solictors in an Employment Tribunal. The member began working in her employer's restaurant on May 1st last year. On July 1st she submitted a written complaint to her employer because the wages she was recieving were considerably less than those specified in her job offer. On reading the letter her employer dismissed her with immediate effect. The tribunal hearing found that her dismissal was automatically unfair because she had been victimised for seeking to assert her basic employment rights. Her award was made up of the following elements. Notice Pay - £613.38 Unpaid Wages - £1,000 Holiday Pay - £462.50 Compensation - £4,850.55