Hotel Fined £45,000 for Placing Staff at Risk from Asbestos

UK Hotel Group, owners of the County Hotel in Skegness, have been fined £39,000 and ordered to pay legal fees of £5,392 in legal fees and a victim surcharge of £120 for exposing employees to asbestos during the removal of high risk asbestos lagging from its boiler tanks and pipes in its basement. Asbestos carries a high health risk for workers. Earlier this year a member of the Central London Hotel Workers Branch, represented by Unite Solicitors, was awarded £24,000 in compensation when a tribunal found that he had been unfairly dismissed and victimised for raising concerns about asbestos removal with an employer he had been employed by for 10 months. If you have concerns about asbestos in your hotel or any other health and safety matter please bring these to the attention of Branch Safety Officer, John Byrne.