Historic Event for London Hotel Workers

Sixty Seven years ago today on the 9th of October 1946 the biggest strike in the history of the London Hotel Sector commenced when when waiting staff, chambermaids, chefs, kitchen porters and cellarmen at the Savoy walked out in protest at their working conditions and picketed the 14 entrances to the hotel. Food delivery workers refused to cross the picket line and wealty American guest staying in the Savoy donated £500 to the strike fund. By the end of the week workers at the the Ritz, the Dorchester and Claridges as well as many other hotels had joined the strike, adding another 2,000 to the 500 who had already taken action at the Savoy. A number of hotels entered into negotiations with the workers' union to meet their demands for better conditions. We say if it can happen in 1946 it can happen now - but we need the courage of our convictions and we need to be willing to stand together and stick together!