Branch resolution re Hilton Hotels - 3 September 2012

At the September Hotel Workers Branch Meeting several Hilton Hotel workers gave testimony about serious abuses from new contractors bought in by Hilton Hotels to run their Housekeeping operations.
As a result of this testimony the following resolution was unanimously passed..
This meeting of the LE.1393 Central London Hotel Workers branch expresses its strong concern at the impact of Hilton Hotel’s current policy of Contracting Out their Housekeeping Departments to third party contractors.
We are in no doubt that this policy will mean overall wage cuts and a deterioration of working conditions for a workforce that is predominantly female and ethnic minority.
We believe that Hilton Hotels have adopted a business model that disproportionately bears down on these low paid and vulnerable ethnic minority workers.
We believe that Hilton Hotels are in direct breach of both the Spirit and the Intent of their own Global Diversity Charter.
This Hotel Workers branch resolves to start a campaign to.....
1..publicly expose Hilton’s heartless hypocrisy upon Hilton Hotels to bring all contracted out Housekeeping Departments back in-house
3..offer permanent employment to long serving agency workers