Hyatt Hurts

The struggles to seek better working conditions, better pay and respect at work,are shared by our colleagues in US. On the evening of April 19th, workers from Walmart and Hyatt Hotels confronted Greg Penner, a member of the Boards of Directors of both corporations, and demanded he address the injustice and abuse they encounter at work.

Hotel workers protested outside the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, where a big gala took place. Mrs Penner, wife of Mr Penner, and member of the Walton family, owner of Walmart, co-hosted the gala.

Hotel workers from both corporations have repeatedly requested Mr Penner to meet with them and discuss grievances. Since Mr Penner refused to see them, they decided to go and see him! Well done comrades!!!

This is not a battle that started just yesterday. Two years ago the Hyatt changed the beds of some of his hotels. These, housekeepers reported, were much heavier than what they used to have. Heavier beds have left many housekeepers with injuries from which they have not fully recovered. 

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And the battle goes on and gets support from our colleagues in Chennai, India. 

"On 17 April the Tamil Nadu State Committee of the IUF-affiliated Hotel Employees Federation of India (HEFOI) held the first of a series of protest actions in India against the Hyatt hotel chain in support of the UNITE HERE.


The protest action in Chennai directed at the 5-star Hyatt Regency Hotel involved 225 union members from several hotels in the city of Chennai, which is a major tourist destination. While a panicked Hyatt management asked state police to cordon off the hotel to "protect" it from demonstrators, and police kept the protest action nearly 3 km away from the property, local media from a dozen TV channels and newspapers reported on the action and the "Hyatt Hurts" message was widely publicized".



If you want to get involved with what we, the London Hotel Workers are doing to protest against the abuses of Hyatt we urge you to get in touch ASAP.