UK Workers lack basic skills?

Our Branch Secretary Hugh O' Shea was recently interviewed by Katy Holland from AOL Travel in response to a claim made by the director of Malmaison and Hotel du vin,Mr Williams, that UK workers are not interested in working in hotels and lack basic skills.

Having worked in hotel and restaurants in London for longer than ten years I agree partly to Mr Williams' statement. He may be right  to say that British people are not interested in working in hotels despite the high unemployment rate, but as Hugh pointed out, this is not because British workers lack skills. British workers know very well their rights and expect respect and a decent remuneration. Something hard to find in many hotels. On the other contrary immigrants, often unaware of UK working pay and conditions legislation, are offered the lowest pay and treated with little regard.

The article received a lots of comments from the general public. I read a lot of articles where the poor working conditions and very low pay have been highlighted and I am sure that, with our campaigns, we can raise even more awareness and get support from the public.