Holiday Inn Hotels and 2012 Olympics Chief Seb Coe accused of "breaking promises to workers" by Unite the Union hotel workers branch.

London, 24th May, 2011. At a demonstration outside the Mayfair Holiday Inn Unite the Union hotel workers, supported by West London Citizens community members and International Union of Food Worker  delegates asked two questions.

First, Why have Sebastian Coe and the Olympics movement not honoured the agreement  signed that "all providers of services to the 2012 Olympics should pay the London Living Wage" .

Second, Why has Holiday Inn Hotels, providers of Hotel services to the 2012 Olympics, refused to allow Unite the Union inside their premises to meet staff and management to discuss the payment of the Living Wage to hotel workers.

Boris Johnson, the London Mayor asserts that no one in London should be paid less than the London Living Wage of £7.85 per hour, to be increased to £8.30 per hour on 1st October 2011.

On Friday 27th May in the City of London IHG, Holiday Inns parent company will hold their AGM. Unite Hotel  Workers will be there to support the Fair Pensions demand for all workers to be paid the LLW or the NLW. We ask that the board of IHG declares its position on the Living Wage at this meeting.

More reports of this demonstration  and comments from workers, the public and other parties will follow later today.

"The Living Wage is the Minimum Wage"