Unite Celebrates International Migrant's Day

Migrant workers make up a substantial proportion of the workforce in London Hotels. On Wednesday 18th December we will be celebrating International Migrant's Day. Join us for key note speakers, music and lots more - Wed 18th Dec - 10.30am - Unite House, 128 Theobalds Road, Holborn, London WC1 X 8TN.

International Union Assembly for Hotel Workers

Trade Union representatives representing Hotel workers from Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Norway, Spain and the UK met together in Brussels on 21st November at the 11th European Toursim Sector Assembly. On the agenda was co-operation at European level between unions organising workers in global hotel chains, unions responses to the growth in casualisation and zero hours contracts and health and safety in Hotel housekeeping departments.

Unite Calls For Bold Move On National Minimum Wage

Unite negotiators attending a meeting today with the Low Pay Commission urged the Commissioners to make a bold move and recommend that the Government increases the Minimum Wage by £1 to £7.31 from October 2014. The Unite team argued that such a move was affordable and would help tackle the cost of living crisis as well as moving the minimum rate closer to a Living Wage. It was also argued that the full rate should apply to those over 18 rather than those over 21.

Catering Workers Strike in Italy

Italian restaurant and catering workers went on strike on October 31 to protest the employer associations' plans to withdraw from the national collective agreement in the tourism industry, which includes restaurants and catering. Thousands of workers joined demonstrations in Rome and Milan and then held a picket line in front of the employer associations' headquarters.

300 London Hotel Workers to be made redundant 5 days before Xmas

300 London Hotel Workers to be made redundant 5 days before Xmas
 The Hyde Park Corner 5 star de luxe Lanesborough Hotel has announced that "due to increasing competition in the de luxe sector and the opening of new Hotels in the sector" it will be closing for nine months on 20th December, 2013 for refurbishment and room upgrades.
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