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Here's a story to gladden the hearts of all hotel workers from the International Union of Food and Hotel workers (IUF) to which UNITE is affiliated.

Mayfair Hotel offers increase in salary to workers who sign new contracts-but hotel says "you can keep your old contracts if you want but you won't get the pay increase" But 3% pay rise for all confirmed, even non signers.

After a final meeting on 17th September,2008 to try and resolve the 9 month dispute between the Radisson-Edwardian Hotels group and ex ICH [InterContinentalHotel] employees at the Mayfair Hotel, London, now employed by Radisson-Edwardian Hotels, a final offer has been put to Unite the Union representatives.

The main points are as follows........
1...If ex-ICH employees wish to carry on working under their old ICH
contracts this will be acceptable to the hotel.

2...However all ex-ICH employees will be offered an increase in salary to

Mayfair Hotel workers 3% wage award busts 5 year wage freeze.

The Mayfair Hotel today announced that it would be paying, in the first pay run in October, a 3% wage rise backdated to 1st April,2008.

The wage rise was in reply to a collective grievance raised by nineteen ex-employees of the InterContinentalHotel group transferred to Radisson Edwardian Hotels nearly five years ago.

Over thirty workers, mainly in housekeeping, wiil benefit.

BBC to reveal Dorchester Hotel "service charges scam" on 9th September.

The BBC tell us that they will be looking at the Dorchester Hotel's service charge arrangements on their 6.30 local news programme, just after the National News at SIX on Tuesday, 9th September.

The five minute slot will feature Derek Simpson, joint General Secretary of Unite and will give details of how the Dorchester distributes its service charge in the banqueting department.

The piece will feature an ex-employee of the hotel who reveals what happens with the money that clients leave as service charge.
His story should be seen.

London Olympics

The London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG), and the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), collectively known as London 2012, have agreed a set of principles with the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

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