Kensington Close Hotel insiders say "anonymous letter blew the whistle on irregular Romanian workers."

More than one senior figure working at the Kensington Close Hotel has now confirmed that an anonymous letter was sent to both Colas Hotels and Central Agency. This was why the agency lost the housekeeping contract at three hotels within the Colas Hotels group.

The letter was apparently sent in the first week of December, 2008. The agency contract finishes on 31st January, 2009.

Officials from the Borders Agency have been seen in all three London hotels within the Colas Hotels group recently.

BBC expose irregular Romanian workers at Kensington Close Hotel. Central Agency lose contract for housekeeping department.

BBC London in their main 6.30 local bulletin on Wednesday 7th January ran an undercover story where one of their reporters had filmed irregular Romanian workers who worked for Central Agency on false papers.

A Romanian room attendant admitted to camera that she was working on false Portuguese papers for which she had paid £190. The agency said that they had been "scammed". Colas Hotels are now taking the contract back in-house from 1st February, 2009.

We are investigating what actually happened and will report on this matter by the week ending 18th January.

Central Hotel Agency lose the Housekeeping Contract at Colas Hotels. Housekeepers to be taken "In House" by the Colas Hotels.

Housekeepers at all three of Colas Hotels, including the Kensington Close Hotel(KCH), are to go through a Transfer and Undertakings Protection of Employment (TUPE) procedure and be taken "In House" by the Colas group.

We are not sure yet why this is happening. Did the agency resign or did Colas Hotels make the decision? No doubt we will find out shortly.

For members of the Housekeeping Department at the KCH this will be the 5th TUPE transfer in 6 years and their 6th employer in 6 years.

From 2002 their employers have been.......
* SixContinents/Forte
* Colas Hotels

Hotel Agency that refuses to pay the National Minimum Wage at the Kensington Close Hotel is now being sued.

On 10th August, 2008 10 Polish room attendants employed by Central Hotel Facilities, the agency responsible for Housekeeping at the Kensington Close Hotel, walked out in protest at being paid less than the National Minimum Wage(NMW).

A collective grievance was heard on 29th August, 2008. The grievance centred around the fact that the room attendants, who were paid on the "piece work NMW rate", could not earn money when there were no rooms available for them to clean.

Central said they should be paid for this time. However Central have refused to reply to our members, despite reminders.

"You're off your trolley". Trolleys axed and room attendants get mad.Union members and Citizens delegates leaflet Hyatt Churchill to support Housekeepers fight to "keep our trolleys".

In January 2009 the Hyatt Churchill propose to do away with the use of trolleys by room attendants at the Hotel. The Hyatt say that the room attendants can use two hand held baskets to carry in clean linen and carry out dirty linen and that the number of rooms cleaned will be reduced from 13 rooms daily to 12 rooms daily.

Room attendants in the hotel are united in opposition to this change.

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