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Se voce fala Portugues, trabalha pare hoteis, restaurantes ou qualquer emprego e quer falar com alguem em Portugues sobre seus direitos no trabalho e quer saber mais sobre o nosso sindicato UNITE THE UNION e o que ele pode fazer por voce....por favor contacte Yar Vieira da Silva no telefone 020.8800.4281 (ramal 267), ou

Results of Housekeepers Health Survey to be announced at 5th October Hotels Action Meeting.

The first findings of our "Stop the Hurt" Housekeepers Health Survey tell of huge problems within the Hotels sector.

90% of those surveyed say they have Health problems that have started after they started work in Housekeeping.

60% of those surveyed say they regularly take pain medication for their "on the job" problems.

46% of those surveyed say that within the past three months they have suffered pain in both knees because of the work that they do.

On 5th October we will present the full survey and discuss how to develop the next stage of our "Stop the Hurt" campaign.

Hotel Housekeepers are "hurting"............Unite the Union launches Manual Handling Campaign to "Stop the Hurt".

The Central London Hotel Workers branch of Unite the Union is getting more and more complaints of work-related health problems from its room attendant members at London Hotels


It is well known among Hotel Workers that the toughest job in a Hotel is the room attendants job

The near 100% women room workers suffer as Hotels demand....
- more rooms cleaned in the same time
- more jobs in each room to do in the "Facilities Race" to attract custom
- wage freezes or even wage reductions

Hospitality Workers 11th July meeting wins for the members.

Over 50 activists from hotels and bars and restaurants came to the meeting at London's Swedenborg Hall on 11th July.

Workers from 23 countries took part. Observers came from the Danish Hotel Workers Union and the IUF [International Union of Food Workers] based in Geneva.

Letters are being sent out this week thanking members and summing up the benefits of the meeting..... leaders were identified

2..the Summer 09 strategy was firmed up and specific committments were made by activists to...
support the "Fair Tips" stage 2 campaign

Hotel Workers, Restaurant Workers and Bar Workers Organising Conference date confirmed as Saturday 11th July,2009. 10am to 4pm meet in Holborn.

The venue has been confirmed. The doors will be open at 9.20 am when we will be serving tea and coffee and juice.
The Swedenborg Society Meeting Rooms,
20-21, Bloomsbury Way,
London WC1.

This building is 300 yds from Transport House and opposite Bloomsbury Square. The entrance to the meeting rooms are at the side of the building in Barter Street. There will be signage on the street.

The conference aims to set out a plan to change the culture of low pay, poor conditions,bullying and harassment in the industry.

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