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Sorry about the last couple of days. I had a malfunction followed by an electric storm that knocked out the power supply and the wi-fi - and it's supposed to be summer here!
Saccawu has been very busy trying to resolve their dispute with Sun International and are presently consulting with their members while the management's negotiating team reports back to their Board.

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I have spent the day getting an understanding of the Hotel Sector here in (a very wet!) Johannesburg.I was very fortunate that two of our Brothers in SACCAWU met with me to give me the benefit of their experience. Lucas Ramatlhadi is the Administration Co Ordinator for SACCAWU and Mike Sikani is the National Education Secretary for the union. Both men are involved in the dispute with Sun International (about which more later) but found the time to assist me.

Kevin's Blog

Kevin's Blog
Submitted by Kevin Curran on Thu, 07/01/2010 - 17:17
Over the next 7 weeks I'll be visiting 5 different cities to learn how the changing ownership and structures of the global hotel sector are affecting human resource management (HRM) policies and procedures.
These changes continue to effect workers wages and conditions all over the world.

Housekeepers -- Don't Suffer In Silence!

Taking the Strain?

Manual Handling Risks for women working in Hospiality

Thursday 22nd October
128 Theobald’s Road
London WC1 X 8TN

Chair – Omosofe Ajakaiye
(UNITE Hotel Workers Branch)


• Teresa MacKay (Regional Officer for women & equalities) – Inequality and workplace health.
• Marzena Cichon (London Citizens) – Health issues for migrant and agency workers.
• Susan Murray (UNITE National Safety Officer) – Risk Assessment and consultation with workers

Housekeeping Health and Safety Survey

Responses to our sample survey have revealed extensive health problems associated with housekeeping.

Housekeeping Survey Results (1)

IUF Version

Based on 35 Responses

• 88% said they have had pain or discomfort caused by or made worse by work.

• The part of job felt to be the cause of pain or discomfort

* Lifting/Carrying Supplies = 77%
* Lifting Mattress = 48%
* Tucking sheets = 35%
* Bending low to clean = 34%
* Reaching high to clean = 34%
Pushing Cart = 22%

• 65% regularly take pain medication

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