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I've been in Jakarta for two very busy days now. I was met by Hema from the IUF and members of the Executive of our Sister Union the FSPM including the General Secretary, Benny Nasution.

February 1st meeting. ELECTION of BRANCH OFFICIALS. Kevin Curran's report. The General Election and the branch.

This 1st February branch meeting should be attended.

The three main agenda points are....

1...the bi=annual branch elections; if you want to get involved be there.

2...Kevin Curran's report on hotel conditions in South Africa and
Australia, with his home videos, (we hope).

3...The General Election, 2010. Should we support Labour? We think that
voting for Labour is the only way to have a chance of decency and
progress in the next five years. Come along for an open and real
discussion about what a Conservative Victory might mean and why

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I accompanied an LHMU hotel organiser to a hotel where the union is close to securing a recognition agreement. I sat in the staff canteen and was able to talk to many of the workers and learn of their experiences. I spoke with housekeepers, porters, receptionists and food and beverage workers. This hotel used to be a Ritz Carlton 10 years ago and i was able to learn of the differences between then and now as it's owned by an international chain. Without exception each worker said that not only were the employment conditions worse but so was the service provided to guests.

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For the last two days i've been in Sydney establishing contact with our Sister union the LHMU. I have had meetings with the officers and staff of the LHMU hotels organising team operating in Sydney and the state of New South Wales (NSW).

Kevin's Blog

Phillip Nkosi began work as a waiter in a Sun International hotel in Johannesburg 24 years ago. For the last 22 years he has also been the Shop Steward representing and negotiating on behalf of his fellow workers. Phillip made the decision to become active in his union because he witnessed too much injustice and decided he couldn't stay quite on the sidelines. He has provided leadership ever since.

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