London Hotels increase profits by 19% year on year...staff costs reduced by 2%

The increase in profits is the decrease in staff costs.The profits of the hotels are paid for by the taxpayer in many, many cases as taxpayers foot the cost of the credits that support low paid hotel workers. 

You might not be able to afford to stay at the Ritz but you are paying money in to their profits by way of your taxes.

"ROOMS FOR CHANGE"....the union's strategy for the next two years is published.

We are sending out to all hotelworker union members a copy of our joint strategy document with West London Citizens called "Rooms for "Change".

The key to this strategy is the London Living Wage (LLW).

WE say ALL hotelworkers should get the LLW.

Inside the 10 page booklet is a list of London Citizen members.

If your church, mosque, school, club or support group is a member......ASK THEM TO GET INVOLVED.

And come to the 1st November branch meeting.

Hotel Workers back Len McCluskey for Unite General Secretary.

At the September branch meeting union members of the Hotel Workers branch unanimously agreed to reccommend Len McCluskey as our choice for the new General Secretary of Unite the Union.In the next two weeks all members should get their voting papers by post to their home address.

You will also receive a hotel workers mailshot with branch news.


We say McCluskey is the best of the  candidates.


Useful Information about Tips

These documents contain important information about tips, translated in 5 different languages. 

Kevin's Blog

It's very appropriate that I'm finishing my visits here in New York. Those of you have been here will know that New York is jam packed full of hotels, however unlike any other city I know of 85% of all these hotels are organised. The New York Hotel Trades Council has 30,000 members and they are one of the best organised and focused union organisations I've ever come across.

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