Hotel Workers Around the World: Jakarta

Last night I went to a very special cafe in Bandung. The café is called BJ’s but it is better known to its patrons as the ”Solidarity Café” and the story behind it should be an inspiration to us all.

Hotel Workers Around the World

Kevin in Indonesia 09/02/2010

Now and then we hear complaints from some of our members that it is too difficult to organise in the hotel sector in London. Every now and then we should remind them that in comparison to some of our Sisters and Brothers in other countries we have it easy. 

"March for the Alternative".....JOBS....GROWTH....JUSTICE.......On Saturday March 26th, 2011 we will march for "The Alternatives"

The country faces huge job cuts because of the policy of the Con/Dem coalition.

London's hotels "cash in".......London's hotels "pays its staff less".

On December 24th the London"Evening Standard", quoting a report from TRI Hospitality Consulting says that "London's Hotels are the most profitable in Europe, industry statistics show".

Four star and Five star London hotels make a profit of £115 per night. This is 70% higher than the next most profitable European city, Amsterdam.

........2012 Olympic bosses say "we'll pay £7.85 per hour Living Wage, wherever possible". ........................................130,000 paid workers will be covered.......Unite the union says "we need guarantees, no wherever possibles,no ifs,no buts".

The London "Evening Standard" reports on its centre pages today, 13th De cember,2010 that "wherever possible" £700 million of contracts for paid workers in security, cleaning, catering and waste services on the 2012  Olympic sites would be awarded on condition that firms pay the London Living Wage.

Unite the Union says "it is always possible to make payment of the LLW contractual". It is also possible to make it contractual that "all sub-contractors and bought in services should employ only LLW waged workers".

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