"....young,blonde,sexy and with short skirts...." Mayfair Hotel employee alleges he was told to "find fault with older staff, pressure them to leave" and recruit young, blonde and sexy staff.

London's Evening Standard today reported allegations made by Amia Ismail, 57, who is suing Radisson Edwardian Hotels for unfair dismissal.

Amia was moved from his job as a restaurant manager and replaced by "an attractive 28 year old" because, he says, the manager "wanted a new and younger image". Amia claims that he was then told to move to the Mayfair Hotel where he should "find fault with older staff and pressure them to leave". Mayfair manager Charles Oak is alleged to have then said the ideal employee was "young, blonde, sexy and with short skirts".

Better Jobs, Better Hotels, Australia

I accompanied an LHMU hotel organiser to a hotel where the union is close to securing a recognition agreement. I sat in the staff canteen and was able to talk to many of the workers and learn of their experiences. I spoke with housekeepers, porters, receptionists and food and beverage workers. This hotel used to be a Ritz Carlton 10 years ago and i was able to learn of the differences between then and now as it's owned by an international chain. Without exception each worker said that not only were the employment conditions worse but so was the service provided to guests.

“Dare to struggle. Dare to win”

I've been in Jakarta for two very busy days now. I was met by Hema from the IUF and members of the Executive of our Sister Union the FSPM including the General Secretary, Benny Nasution.
Between them they soon got me "organised". Yanti Irawan, a FSPM staffer was assigned to be my "minder" and to make sure that I kept to schedule. She did a great job, so much so that I have visited five 5 stars and one super luxury hotel and met and interviewed 20 union members and officials!

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